How does the service work?

Our stylists will hand-pick items of clothes based on your styles and sizes provided and send them to your address to try-on. You can keep any of the times you like and send back the ones you don’t. You shall purchase and pay for the items you decided to keep.  You will not be charged anything else. No delivery fee, no styling fee, nothing more.

How do I sign up to ExtraOutfit?

Simply make your own online profile by going through Style Quiz and giving us some basic information about your looks and sizes. That’s it!

How frequently are packages sent to me?

As often as you like! We are all about providing you the most convenient shopping experience. Anytime you want a package, request one from your member profile or let your stylist know. We’ll never send you one unless you’ve asked for it.

How much does the service cost?

Our styling and delivery services are free. You’re only charged for items you choose to keep from your package. If you keep none of the items, you will not be charged a thing; just make sure to let your stylist know why so we better personalize your future packages.

How much are the clothes?

As with shopping in the mall or online, it all depends on what you choose to buy. Our clothing is priced similarly to medium-end clothing stores such as with items typically falling in the AED 200 – 800 price range. All our brands with presence in the UAE will match the shops’ prices. If there is ever a difference, simply let us know and well price match.

When will I be charged?

After your package arrives, you will have ‘try-on’ period of approximately 1 day to decide what to keep and what to return. Then you shall arrange time for pick-up of unwanted items next day and do online Checkout to pay for the items you decided to keep. Also you can pay by cash at the time of pick-up. Alternatively if you do not checkout, we have the right to charge you for the items you kept.

Why do you need my credit card?

We may require a valid credit card proof prior to shipping your package (unless you choose to pay by cash on delivery or paypal). We use the same card to charge for the items you decide to keep from your package in case you forgot to pay. Our partners, certified payment gateway provider, will handle all credit card transactions on their Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the order information you transmit. We do not store any of your credit card information.

What type of brands does ExtraOutfit stock?

We offer a selection of brands offering styles that range from office to weekend wear.

What happens if I like something but it doesn’t fit?

Your stylist will try her best to get you the right size, but if she misses the mark – kindly reach out to us by email, text message, phone or any other means of communication and next time we will try to select better fitting size. At the moment we have our items each in one size.

Can I wear the clothes and then send them back?

No. The clothes are only meant to be tried on at home. Any items that are worn, damaged, or have tags removed will be charged to your account.

What sizes do you carry?

We try to offer a wide variety of sizing for all fits and shapes.

Do you offer alterations?

At the moment the service is on As Is basis meaning that we cannot offer alterations or different sizes of the same item.

Where do you deliver to?

We currently service on the territory of the UAE, primarily Dubai.

How does your delivery work?

Once your package is ready, one of our drivers will contact you to arrange delivery. This can be to your home or office, depending on which address you prefer. When you’ve tried on the clothes, simply arrange a pickup time and our drivers will reach out again to arrange collection for all the items you’re not keeping

What if I can’t return the package next day?

If, exceptionally, you need more than a standard 1 day for your package, please let us know that you need an extended period and mention the reason. You can reach us at an email or phone number stated in Contact Us section of the website.